Ruijie Reyee distributor in Saudi arabia

Ruijie Reyee Sub-Distributor in Saudi Arabia

From Switches to Smart Wi-Fi: A Diverse Product Portfolio from Ruijie

we offers a comprehensive range of networking products, including:

  • Switches: High-performance, scalable switches catering to diverse needs, from enterprise data centers to SMB networks.
  • Wireless Access Points (APs): Industry-leading Wi-Fi 6 and 7 APs delivering exceptional coverage, speed, and security for various applications.
  • Routers and Gateways: Secure and reliable gateways and routers ensuring smooth network traffic flow and robust internet connectivity.
  • Cloud Management Solutions: Streamline network management with intuitive cloud platform, offering centralized control and real-time insights.

Wireless Products

Wireless Indoor Access Points

Wall Access Points

Outdoor Access Points

Wireless Bridge

Ruijie Reyee Wireless Products
Ruijie Reyee Switcher Products

Switcher Products

RG-ES100 Series Unmanaged Switch

L2 RG-ES200 Series

L2 Gigabit Cloud Managed

L2 10G Uplink Cloud Managed

L3 Gigabit Cloud Managed

L3 10G Uplink Cloud Managed Switch

Layer 3 Modular Cloud Managed Switch

L3 Chassis Cloud Managed Switch

Layer 3 Multi-Gigabit with 10G Uplink Cloud Managed Switch

Industrial Switchers

Routers Products

User friendly configuration, easy to learn

Support unbreakable and load balancing multi-WAN internet

Easy to block unwanted applications with automatically updated library

Easy to customize portal page, what you see is what you get

Secure access your internal device(NVR/IPC/Server…) remotely

Support 3 years warranty, and lifetime free cloud management

Ruijie Reyee Routers Products
Ruijie Industrial Switch Models

Industrial Switcher

for CCTV, Factory, Coastal Areas, and for Dusty Environment.

RG-NIS3100 Series Industrial Switch in 4 and 8 ports

  • True Industrial-Grade Switch Specially Designed for Harsh Environment
  • Three Different Models Meet Various Business Scenario Needs (rg-nis3100-4gt2sfp-hp / rg-nis3100-8gt2sfp-hp / rg-nis3100-8gt4sfp-hp )
  • Unique Industrial Design Ensures Stable Operation in -40℃ to 80℃
  • 8 KV Protection: The Shield Against Voltage Spike
  • IP40 Against 1mm Intruders in Dusty Conditions
  • ERPS Plug-and-Play, without Complicated Configuration
  • Local Network SON, Easy Configuration even without Cloud
  • Easy Management even in Harsh Environments

Ruijie Reyee RG-AirMetro Series Wireless Bridges

PTMP Stations





Highlight Features

  • Up to 10 km Wireless Transmission Distance
  • MAX. 1 to 32 PTMP Links, Easy Pairing in 30 sec
  • 2 GE Ports: More Possibilities of Connections
  • 24 V Passive PoE and 12 V DC Input: Solar Power Supply
  • IP55, 6 kV Surge Protection and ±24 kV ESD against Harsh Environment
  • All-in-one Cloud Management Simplifies the User Journey




Highlight Features

  • PTP Max. 15 km Working Distance
  • PTMP Easy Pairing All in 30 sec
  • 24 V Passive PoE
  • IP65, 6 kV Surge Protection and ±24 kV ESD against Harsh Environment
  • 220.32 km/h (137 mph) Wind Survivability
  • All-in-one Cloud Management Simplifies the User Journey

Reyee AirMetro
Hikvision Distributor

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