Broadcast Division

Broadcast Division

This division of Steps Business Trading Group enjoys excellent reputation in the Ministry of Culture and Information along with its private clients. SBG sells broadcasting equipment and the equipment spare parts to television stations. One of Steps’ major clients is Saudi TV.

The organization also provides Satellite News Gathering (SNG) trucks and services around the world to fulfill news gathering requirements for local TV stations. Steps Int’l has retained a renowned position, along with its counterparts, as a broadcasting solutions provider. The firm has played a key role in changing the face of Saudi TV since January 2004 by implementing solutions for weather bulletins (i.e. like that of BBC’s forecast), that provides live meteorological data during the broadcast.


  • Supply of Broadcast equipment.
  • Supply of spare parts of various brands


  1. Supply, install and maintain equipment to engage weather news for Saudi TV
  2. Global SNG truck rental for Saudi television.
  3. Turnkey setup of a Language Laboratory and Smart Class for Saudi National Guard, Aviation Wing in Riyadh
  4. Providing broadcasting equipment to Saudi TV at numerous occasions and localities.
  5. Supply of bulk video tapes to Saudi TV.
  6. Supply of portable microwave links to Saudi TV.

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