Broadcast Division

Broadcast Studio Equipment and Spare Parts Supplier in Saudi Arabia

Steps Business Trading Group is a leading provider of broadcasting equipment and solutions in Saudi Arabia. Renowned for their excellent reputation with the Saudi Broadcasting Authority-SBA and a prestigious client list including Saudi TV, Steps offers a comprehensive range of services:

  • Equipment Sales: Steps equips television stations with cutting-edge broadcasting technology, ensuring they have the tools to deliver professional productions.
  • Spare Parts Support: They understand the importance of keeping equipment operational and offer a reliable supply of spare parts to minimize downtime.
  • Global SNG Trucks and Services: Steps provides Satellite News Gathering (SNG) trucks and services worldwide. This empowers local TV stations to capture news events anywhere, enhancing their content and reach.
  • Weather Presentation Solutions: Steps played a pivotal role in modernizing Saudi TV's weather forecasting by implementing innovative solutions. This allows them to deliver live, data-driven weather forecasts similar to those seen on BBC broadcasts.


  • Trusted Partner: Steps has a long-standing reputation for excellence, making them a reliable partner for broadcasters across Saudi Arabia.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Their expertise and access to advanced equipment ensure your station stays at the forefront of broadcasting technology.
  • Global Reach: With SNG solutions, Steps empowers stations to capture news stories that matter, regardless of location.
  • Enhanced Weather Presentation: Engaging weather forecasts elevate production value and viewer experience.


  • Supply of Broadcast equipment.
  • Supply of spare parts of various brands


  1. Supply, install and maintain equipment to engage weather news for Saudi TV
  2. Global SNG truck rental for Saudi television.
  3. Turnkey setup of a Language Laboratory and Smart Class for Saudi National Guard, Aviation Wing in Riyadh
  4. Providing equipment to Saudi TV at numerous occasions and localities.
  5. Supply of bulk video tapes to Saudi TV.
  6. Supply of portable microwave links to Saudi TV.


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