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About Security and Surveillance Division

Keeping in line with an ever-increasing demand and awareness of Security system requirements, SIBG established a one-stop solution through its Security division, both in terms of product offering and services. We carry exceptionally strong relations with leaders in security industry such as Bosch Security, Spectator Video, Geutebruck, UTC (formerly GE Security), Mazik Global, Nitgen and Hikvision. Along with experienced and qualified technical team to offer complete solutions for demanding environments such as the Banking and Finance sector of today.

We have provided various low current security solutions to several major banks in the kingdom, Saudi embassies in various parts of the world and several local corporates. Based on agreement with Siemens AG, we have installed CCTVs and access control systems at Saudi Telecom sites all over KSA. SIBG has also provided solutions to government agencies such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Culture and Information, Saudi Arabian National Guard as well as Ministry of Defense.

Complete suite of security systems solutions including CCTV, Intrusion, Fire alarm and Access control from world leaders such as Bosch Security systems, Geutebrueck Video, Spectator Video.

Services :

  • Kingdom wide technical resource availability for installation and maintenance of ATM, Branch and cash centers.
  • Central Monitoring System for ATM and Branch security systems from Spectator Video.
  • ATM / Asset tracking system from Mazik Global.
  • Access Control - Products from UTC (formerly GE security), Bosch Security Systems and Nitgen.
  • Video Management solutions.
  • Providing solutions and system integration for ATM security.
  • Contracting Maintenance expertise for low current security systems for bank ATM sites, branches, cash collection units, data centers and other premises.

Among the aforementioned, the company deals with Designing and engineering services to provide integrated security and surveillance solutions.


Replaced third party product with BOSCH intrusion systems and CCTV cameras at 1500 ATMs of Riyad bank (1500 panels and 3500+ cameras).

  • Installed tracking system for over 400 ATMs of Bank Al Bilad.
  • Installed complete security system for new Primary Data Centre of Riyad bank.
  • Upgraded Security systems for Bank Al Bilad and Enjaz branches as per SAMA directions, by replacement of 2700 CCTV cameras, several additional security detectors and devices.
  • Installation of over 700 Bank branches with Bosch intrusion systems.
  • Major upgrade and expansion of Access Control Systems for Riyad Bank including production of ‘Time and Attendance’ transactions.
  • Starting 2009, Installed complete security systems for over 250 branches of SABB, Bank Al Bilad and Riyad bank.
  • Installed more than 750 units of DVRs at various branches and ATMs kingdom wide.
  • Exclusive supplier, installer and national vendor for Riyad Bank access control systems since year 2008.
  • Installed ATM security system for Riyad and Bank Al Bilad ATMs Kingdom wide for at least 300 units.
  • Installed biometric access control systems for all cash collection units of Riyad Bank Kingdom wide.
  • Installed complete security system for Royal Saudi Embassies in Geneva, Khartoum, Islamabad, Bahrain and Kabul.
  • Installation and commissioning of access control system for Saudi Fransi Capital building.

Providing maintenance support for security systems at following banks:

  • 600 ATMs and 104 Branches of SABB
  • Over 300 Branches of Bank Al Bilad / Enjaz
  • Over 300 Branches of Riyad Bank
  • Security Systems of Riyad bank Primary data centre
  • Provided maintenance services for over 1000 ATM security systems of Riyad Bank.
  • Supply, installation and commissioning of Central Monitoring Systems for Bank Al Bilad branches located all over the country.
  • Installation of CCTVs and access control systems at numerous STC sites as a subcontractor to SIEMENS AG.
  • Complete installation of Public Health Centers all over the kingdom with new panels.

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Some Of Our Clients

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