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Welcome to Steps Business Trading Group, we are surveillance and DC Power experts based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


About Us

Steps Business Group was established in 1981 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia by a respected entrepreneur, Mr. Osama Abdulrauf Daoud. In 1985 considering business potential and client base, its operations moved to the capital city of Riyadh. Since then SBG has been leaping towards success, providing its clients with high-quality services in the security, DC power engineering, broadcasting and general IT procurement industries.


Provide solutions and services for multidisciplinary technology in a cost effective and efficient manner.


To provide solutions and excel in multiple technological business implementations that relate to HVAC Equipment and engineering services, DC & Telecom Power, Security Systems and Broadcasting. We ensure credence and provide our clients with the most reliable team of engineers for an excellent quality services.



Power Division

Electricity and power supply along with its distribution is increasing exponentially. Steps Business Group goal is directly correlated with meeting the demands of existing and new potential clients, to provide them with the power they desire, wherever, whenever

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Security Division

Keeping in line with the growing market and cognisance of security system requirements, SBG has established a one-stop solution through its Security Division for demanding environments, such as the Banking and Finance sector of today.

Broadcast Division

Being one of the leaders in digital broadcasting technology, Steps offers the bottom-line business skills necessary to support every step of your progressive migration from standard to high-definition TV systems, providing Satellite News Gathering (SNG) trucks and services around the world, as well as delivering live meteorological data during broadcast

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